• All-In-One Portable Tracking and Messaging


The GMPT-401 is a unique individual tracking and messaging transponder that transforms an iPhone into a satellite tracking and messaging device. Suitable for personal, industrial, exploration and remote workforces needing robust and reliable communications wherever they are, the GMPT-401’s satellite-based tracking and 2-way text messaging capabilities provide an All-In-One solutions in a portable design using your existing IOS smartphone device.



Features in brief:

  • Seamless integration with iPhone
  • Secure, reliable worldwide satellite connectivity
  • Built in SOS button
  • Compact, Tough and Hazloc approved
  • Individual Component Design Forming a Flexible Solution
  • Remote Antenna option for monitoring People and Mobile Assets
  • Two-way Text Communication
  • App-Based POI Buttons
  • Interactive SOS App
  • Flexible Configuration Options
  • Advanced Battery Management




Enquiries: sales@tmtracking.com