• Maritime Security


We offer solutions for SSAS, vessel monitoring and tracking and we create bespoke solutions for a range of  maritime projects. Whatever your specific requirements, we will be pleased to advise on the optimum solution.  


Crew and Supply Boats  

Many supply boats operate in areas subject to attack from pirates. Monitor and track all boats in a supply fleet. Panic alerts for critical situation response. Safety and security at sea for boats and their crew are paramount. OceanMinder not only complies with international regulations for threat notification (SSAS) and long-range tracking (LRIT), but crew also have access to low cost, global two way messaging 

Natural Disaster Early Warning and Navigation Buoy Monitoring. 

Low power operation is critical to minimize the total cost of ownership for unmanned assets such as marine buoys and natural disaster early warning systems. The SAT-401 offers critical positioning and function information for offshore buoys alerting authorities via internet, SMS and email for out of position buoys and malfunction or for natural disaster early warning systems.

 Fishing fleets and National Park boats 

Monitor boats to check they are operating in permitted areas. Safety alerts for boats operating in disputed territory. Monitor Barrier Reef and Galapagos boats


Please contact us at enquiries@tmtracking.com to discuss your requirements.