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OceanMinder is an advanced satellite based solution designed for yacht tracking, security and monitoring. It is ideal for any type of sail boat, from Cruising Yacht, Racing Yacht through to large Superyacht.

The solutions allows owners and orgnisations to know the real time whereabouts of their boat anytime, anywhere in the world. A professional boat tracking package unrivalled on price, functionality, coverage and ease of installation.

OceanMinder includes the following hardware for easy self-installation:

  • Compact SAT-401 satellite terminal with built in GPS
  • Mounting support for terminal (1" 14 TPI female thread)
  • 10m power cable complete with fitted connectors
  • Installation manual
  • ViewPoint web based tracking application 




Simple Installation: - Mount the terminal on the pushpit or flybridge using supplied fitting, feed the cable through a deck gland to a power supply and you are up and running. We supply annual airtime service contracts to support OceanMinder that cover the following:

  • Choice of reporting intervals from every 2 hours to every 24 hours
  • Position reports showing time, position, speed and direction
  • Web-based application for monitoring and control of terminal
  • Geofence monitoring set in 8 circular zones from 300m to 20km
  • Alerts to 3 SMS numbers and 5 email addresses for geofence violation
  • Set and cancel geofence via any web enabled mobile phone
  • Heartbeat monitoring when in port

The OceanMinder SAT-401 complete hardware package is just £499 plus a choice of annual airtime service contracts.

An add-on Break Out Box, BOB-401, provides 2 x digital inputs and 2 x digital output ports to the SAT401.

The BOB-401 allows the following optional extras to be connected:

  • A primary Panic / SOS alarm switch
  • A second digital input sensor, e.g. bilge water alarm, intruder alert
  • Digital outputs for turning on and off systems such as bilge pump, refridgeration, airconditioning or engine kill (anti theft).